Elegant and full featured, our accounting software is for businesses of any size. Which offers both Financial Accounting and Management Accounting and GAAP compliant financial reports Out of the Box.

  • Profit and Loss Details of each cost center
  • Balance Sheet both Horizontal and vertical View
  • Ledger Report, Day Book Report, Trial Balance Report, Journal Entry
  • Accounting Credit Note, Accounting Debit Note
  • Record Expenses, Make Payment, Search PDC, Invoice to Pay
  • Record Income, Receive Payment, View Receipt
  • Search Sales Invoice, Cash Receipt, Cash Payment, Bank Receipt, Bank Payment
  • Transfer Money, Withdraw Cash, Cash Deposit, Opening Balance
  • Date wise Ledger Summary, Account Group Summary, Account Summary, Day Book Summary


Effitrac feature involves invoicing, quotations and receipts, tracking of customers sales & vendors purchase orders, payments as well as basic inventory control. effitrac supports multiple currencies. Hand full of fully customizable reports are included for easy tracking of every aspect of your business. Software offers Every document to convert o next level i.e. Work order to Delivery challan, Good Receipt Note and Job Order to Invoice and so on to save your time.

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Sales & Purchase Integration

  • VAT calculation automatically for each product addition while capturing invoice.
  • Generate Federal Tax Authority compatible tax reports.
  • VAT charged by suppliers and Vat Charged to customers Analysis.
  • Transaction wise details of VAT paid and VAT collected.
  • Attach every Vendors/Customers VAT number and other details.
  • VAT supported for Goods (store) and Service (non-stocked) items.
  • Online Automatic accounting.
  • VAT Account Reconciliation, VAT Collection & VAT Paid analysis report.
  • Report export to excel and other standard formats.
  • VAT return statement compatible with Federal Tax Authority standards.
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