Trading Industry


Trading Dashboard

  • Effitrac’s Trade ERP an One Stop Application, Covers Entire Multiple Business Activities.
  • The reports can be generated in Excel format. In addition to Excel reports, you can generate reports in PDF formats too.
  • Use the software for the purpose of keeping all the transaction details and to view all the details, i.e. purely for the accounting purpose.
  • Inventory and Trading can be used for billing, payment and receipts.
  • Inventory and Trading, enables you to round off the bill amounts and show all the sales transactions in a Graph view with specified Date Range.

Effitrac’s ERP Software is a ERP package consists of integrated business application with better trade making-tools. Effitrac’s ERP system provides one stop solution that organizes and controls every aspect of business from order management, Processing the operations, supply-chain and shipment, Reporting’s, accounting and business intelligence.

The Accounting module is the core of Effitrac’s ERP Application. It can gather key accounting data from various subsequent departments and generates valuable financial reports such general ledger, trail balance, balance sheet, Chart of accounts, Profit & Loss account.

Our system enables your daily updates to work more effectively. It enables you to adapt best business practices as well as leading computing technologies accepted by the industry. It eventually covers customer, vendor management, supply chain and business accounting for small, medium and large trading enterprises. It creates greater room to grow your business rather than just manage it.

Effitrac’s ERP system shows business performance by enabling actionable information to every decision maker in the enterprise. Effitrac’s ERP Trading ERP systems consists of Sales Order Processing, Sales Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order Processing, Purchase Invoicing, Accounts Payable, Goods Receipt Note, Inventory Movement, Shipment) and Wholesales/Traders Financial Accounting etc. Effitrac’s ERP has empowered many customers by providing excellence, building and delivering enterprise solutions. Primary objective of Effitrac’s ERP is to provide organization with the strategic business alignment, optimize productivity and give expected flexibility to achieve success.