Features of Core HR

Effitrac’s HR & Payroll Management Systems are designed to resourcefully process the entire staff’s earnings and deductions of a concern in accordance with statutory regulations governing employees

On Boarding / Compensation

Capture bio-data and give the appointment Letter with salary structure. It covers with BG verification and approval by HR. System generates service as well as Promotion Letters.


Linked to Leave Modules, Enlarged with separation & settlement Report. Exact leave encashment payables and other earning/deduction with Exist formalities.

Relationship Management

A Profile Management by generating online data with Structuring hierarchy, Compensation calculation management and Export/Import facility with Instant Notifications.

Incident Management (ICM)

Incident Type can be listed and make those list towards a specific Incident Group by creating with a complete Process Template to Register and Process for Accepted, Delayed & Rejected status.

Paperless HR

Lower costs for paper usage with effective document management and reduced energy costs. It has Enhanced information security to Lower upkeep and maintenance costs for postage and printing.

VISA Management

Requests for VISA processing towards documents submitted validation thereby-VISA stamping & scanning process and Notifies with the date of expiry of the Passport, VISA and resident cards.

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Leave Management

Setup Leave Credit Rules, Encashment Rules for ease access. Configured Leave can Schedule & Process with Instant update of Leave balance in pay slip, Bulk Leave Application, Search Leave Applications, Leave Opening Balance, Employee Leave Details and reports.


Time and Attendance Management

Automate your rules and calculations to reduce compliance risks. Eliminate manual time entries and redundant processes. Analyze global labor and overtime costs to make better workforce decisions. Audit and identify payroll and time exceptions proactively.


Employee Scheduling

Allows Collaborative Scheduling to be easily carried over from previous weeks, Employee names may be dragged onto a shift, or shifts may be dragged from one day to the next to make scheduling fast and simple-saving labor hours and dollars.


Benefits of Payroll

Payroll Process
  • User-defined pay slip
  • User-defined Salary register
  • Bank statements
  • Bonus computation
  • ESI, PF challan
  • Professional tax
  • TDS
Expense claims and adhoc deductions
  • Expense claim register
  • Expense deduction workflow
  • Auto recovery of ad-hoc deductions
  • Auto payment of approved expense claims
Loans & Advances
  • Loan register
  • Auto / manual loan recovery

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