VAT Enabled ERP Benefits

VAT Complaints

Handles all statutory reports with VAT complaints with VAT Returns automatically and reduces the manual intervention.

Track Payables & Receivables

Tracks effective management of business cycle at for all customers and vendors both paid & unpaid invoices.

ERP Multiple Currency

Real-time invoicing facility for both customers and vendors with preferred foreign currency.

Profit center & Financial insight

Effitrac helps in decision making with access to an in-depth view of your business verticals.

Better Control of Inventory

Maximize your profitability with the help of stock control settings & demand needs.

Flexible formats

Multi format invoices with bulk upload

Intuitive VAT Compliant Software for Trading & Distribution Industry


Accounts: Equipped with General ledger,Accounts Payables & Receivables,Balance sheet,Profit & Loss,Profit Center.


Purchase: A structured Purchase Order,Invoices,Returns ,Goods Incepetion & receipts.


Business Intelligence: A comprehensive Dashboard for the Executive officers in Various Departments like accounting,Production,Planning& Payroll


Contact Management: Effective contact Management for all the customers and vendors


Sales: Proficient Quote preparation,Bill of supply,Invoices,Export & Returns

Management Tools

Effitrac VAT Filling

Facilitates compliance with VAT preparation and correction assistance.

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HR & Payroll Services

Payroll with Diligence and efficiency which saves time, duties, transaction duties and much easier and more.

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Inventory Management

Better control on Inventory with multiple stores by tracing the LOT & Batch details with accurate unit of measurements

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Process Manufacturing

Tracks the movement flow of goods and services in all stages involves raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods from point of source to point of destination.

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Money Exchange & Remittance

Custom commission rules by showing profit & loss made on each service and monitor with MIS & BI reports with the help of Various APIs for service providers.

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Project Management

A perfect platform includes project planning, resource management, time and expense management, billing and revenue recognition.

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Mobile Applications

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Effitrac VAT

A tailor-made application with end to end VAT complaints.

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Record the daily production in the layer sheds along with the feed consumption.

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Deals with the financial aspects of employee's salary, allowances, deductions, Payables.

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